L.S.D./Sonic Graffiti – Urban Screen Sonifier

L.S.D./Sonic Graffiti

Recyclism aka Benjamin Gaulon offers an original and playful reading of video advertisement displays. Competing for attention in our daily lives, plasma, led and lcd screens have become ordinary elements of the urban landscape, delivering familiar corporate propaganda in a technologically updated form. Gaulon employs his L.S.D. (light to sound device) to make urban screens speak in a different tongue. The device features two light sensors mounted in a suction cup. The sensors feed a basic synthesizer circuit which is amplified by a portable speaker. The L.S.D. can be easily carried around and attached to any video display, generating in real time a perfectly synchronized soundtrack resulting from the conversion of high definition video into raw low-fi sound. As in many processes of direct conversion from a visual to a sonic medium, the message that was carried by the visual medium is turned into what becomes perceived as noise. Attaching the L.S.D to advertisement displays frames them as loud and invasive presences hardly capable of creating desire in a market which has been long saturated with products.

Matteo Marangoni