Synusonde – Yug


CD – Minus Habens
“Yug” is an interesting project that stems from a meeting between the electronic composer Paolo Bragaglia, in a creative symbiosis with the talented Italian-American musician Matteo Ramon Arevalos, who both share a passion for one of the most important instruments of the Western concert tradition: the piano. The purpose of Synusonde is to test the many expressive possibilities of this instrument, reviewing a range of stylistic options or “intrinsic” elements of this medium, developed in the evolution of approaches, ranging from ambient to minimalism, through to glitch and chamber music. Bragaglia’s analog and digital structures support and “hijack” at the same time the virtuoso piano scores of Ramon Arevalos, who is always evocative and charismatic in “bending” the many citations to an imaginative use, highly sensorial and reactive. The fluctuating melodies don’t always arrive at an end, but this does not detract from their power, acting as a whole in a strongly dreamlike, visionary and experimental way.