Philippe Petit – Scores Henry: The Iron Man

Philippe Petit - Scores Henry: The Iron Man

CD – Aagoo
Inserted in our player, this CD immediately plays anxious sounds – dreamy and visionary – reminiscent of the original soundtrack of the movie mentioned in the cover artwork – “Eraserhead” – the first feature film by David Lynch, a cult director who is also often enjoyed by mainstream audiences. The record’s attention is focused primarily on unhealthy environments, developed in hypnotic sounds that are abrasive and dark: a kind of surrealist audio-remake made by stressing drones, abstract reverberations, samples and digital inserts (by Luis Parisot). Philippe Petit frequently works with science fiction and horror film atmospheres, as in his work with Chapter 24, “The Red Giant Meets The White Dwarf”. Here, however, he seems to be at his best, merging experimental, inspired scores whose vitriolic caesuras are perhaps redundant at times, but always engage; heralding a sense of uneasiness at times grotesque, insistent and effective.