Blake Carrington – Cathedral Scan

Blake Carrington

CD – Dragon Eye
In this project by Blake Carrington the architectural plans of the Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral are subtly decoded and transmuted into open orchestral scores, full of different rhythms, drones and textures. The album – recorded live in those sacred spaces – makes use of custom software, treating maps of the environment as a source of data: the sounds themselves are therefore produced in real-time and enriched by the reverberations of those places in a continuous motion of auditory events, resulting from the iteration of the patches in Max/MSP/Jitter, modulated using midi controllers and preset sounds. The results are alluring organ-like harmonics and deep beats, which give rise to a complex auditory involvement, unraveled in modular scores, varying in speed and intensity, giving rise to different frequencies and resonances. Yet the contribution of technology produces a “complexification” of the sounds provided by the author, an operation made even more fascinating by the contribution of visual elements in performances, suggesting a precise matching between the structure of the architecture and the music.