AAVV – Electric Carpets [Part 2 Of 2]


CD – Record Label Records
Abstract sound design and experimental atmospheres meet a fusion style, mixing electro-acoustic beats and creating an artificial and frantic post-IDM pastiche. Record Label Records, a record label founded in 1996, is headed in a rather unconventional way by Robbie Martin, aka Fluorescent Grey, a producer based in Oakland, an experienced manipulator of samples and loops who limits his sources to rigorously electronic and synthesized samples. His attention is now deliberately focused on the ridge between dance and more rarefied psychonautical elaborations, surprising the listener with liquid sounds and futuristic, sensitive derivations. There are seventeen tracks on the disc, the result of the work of almost as many musicians. Only Kossak appears twice, with “Brookers Bible” and “Mrs. Crabcake”, both dark, rhythmic and mysterious. The contribution of Kincsu, the more holistic and ambient “Refraction”, is also remarkable. Equally interesting is “Beautiful Grey” by Terminal 11, who stirs vocals and obliquely balanced sinuous musical textures.