Tobias Reber – Backup Aura

Tobias Reber

CD – Hyperfunction Label

Intuition and algorithmic composition appear to be the cornerstones of meticulous and passionate research conducted by Tobias Reber, a member of the Centrozoon ensemble. Reber is an experimenter and electronic musician very skillful in interweaving field recordings and courteous samples,re-creating highly dense aural structures and atmospheric sequences with cutting rhythms that are not without an improvisational style typical of “tool-centered” approaches to composition. In the six tracks, the sound artist’s work seems to alternate between purposefully designed parts and deliberately aleatory ones, deploying detailed sound miniatures and utilizing varied resources, which reflect a mostly technological system, but – in the same way – create a strong and “narrative” emotional involvement, organic and pulsating. Undeniably dark atmospheres, sometimes disturbing, result in poetic, skewed junctions, with spacey and futuristic airs – for example in “Glocker” – a track with industrial and machinic reverberations.