Mari Kimura – The World Below G And Beyond

Mari Kimura

CD – Mutable Music
Interfacing MaxMSP with a violin, Mari Kimura extends the traditional expressive techniques of the instrument, focusing his research primarily on the range of subharmonics. “The World Below G And Beyond” – however – use an approach which seeks to implement a technological framework able to increase structural references in both the experience of the performance and the listening, channeled using virtuoso but very contemporary performative strategies. This is interactive music deployed to experiment with new relationships, to expand the tonal system while modulating improvisational skills, but bringing them back under the control of executive processes. The project is composed of sixteen tracks that are passionate and melancholic, abstract but not without oblique narratives and moments of intensity, calibrated in a style capable of presenting strong emotions, educated quotes, and rich synergistic crossovers. Several interconnected elements come together in these graceful and delicate tonal tunes.