Lasse Marc Riek – Harbour

Lasse Marc Riek

CD – Herbal
This project brings together abstract sounds recorded on the street near bridges, tunnels, railways, and other “audio catches” that have connections with ships, boats, docks and a wide range of other objects moved by water. From the spring of 1999 to 2007 Lasse Marc Riek diligently developed the Harbour project, moving from Hamburg to other German cities before ending up in Finland. The field recordings are left completely raw and unprocessed and have been given a well-organized structure that artfully keeps each “scene” from becoming exasperated, even in the subsequent iterations, which are implicit in the case of the “natural” repeating some of the environmental sequences. A multitude of noises finally come together to define the ideas that are then articulated in a rather “uniform” way, though this does not mean that the final result lacks variety and shape. Everything evolves for the best and the artist’s ability to tell stories of commonplace yet sublime urban play is a winner.