AAVV – XXXII° Concorso Internationale Di Musica Elettroacustica E Rumore


2CD – Monochrome Vision
In March 2010, under the auspices of Le Bruit De La Neige Festival in the Faverges Soierie, the annual competition dedicated to Luigi Russolo and Rossana Maggia was held. The goal – as usual in this festival – was to promote yet more electro-acoustic experiments resulting from the haughty and extremely composed work of talented and non-conventional young musicians. Sixty composers under 35 from 28 different countries attended the meeting. Of these, fifteen have been chosen – the ones who got the most votes in the contest – and inserted in a release of Monochrome Vision, a worthy research label, well known among insiders and always at the forefront of these disciplines. The compilation, divided into two CDs, includes – among others – tracks by Yota Kobayashi, Elia Marios Joannou, Valerie Delaney, Erdem Helvacioglu, Stefan Fraunberger, Andrea Santini, Dohi Moon – all very intricate sounds with a complex structure, still adventurous and extreme even though they refer to an avantgarde that wrote its first manifesto in 1913.