Philip Jeck – An Ark For The Listener

Philip Jeck

CD – Touch
An early version of “An Ark For The Listener” was performed by Philip Jeck at Kings Place in London in February 2010: an aesthetic sound composition heavily inspired by verse 33 of “The Wreck of the Deutschland”, a 1923 poem composed by Gerard Manley Hopkins in memory of five Franciscan nuns who were exiled as a result of the Falk laws and died by drowning in 1875. The suggestion – full of obscure but compassionate unions, expanded according to a weaving poetic, infused with a melodic lo-fi – is still that of a “hospitalization” of our auditory abilities and sensitivities. The “setting” is emotionally enriched with complex cultural references. The sound is organized in dystopian environmental sequences and soundscapes, finally arranged – in this release by Touch – by re-formulating the entire work in the studio and adding some of the parts related to the original live performance. Overlapping each other, the multifarious textures are dense, elegiac and reactive with reverbs and tone contaminations, in a shifting and loving agglomeration that envelops us in a choral, peaceful way.