Tom Hamilton – Pieces For Kohn / Formal & Informal Music

Tom Hamilton

2CD – Kvist
The second of two CDs included with this elegant hardback is a precious reissue of a seminal release by Tom Hamilton (that originally appeared on Somnath, the composer’s personal label). The works were chosen directly from the “master tapes” of equally rare recordings of the “years of St Louis” (between 1970 and 1980). It was only after this period that the versatile sound-artist, who moved to New York City, became famous enough to be recognized and appreciated in the circle of insiders and aficionados of the emerging electronic music scene. These experiments reflect the full diversity of tones, hues, perceptual iteration plans and qualities that (using the first analog synthesizers) explore the relationship between compositional contexts, both formal and informal. They reveal a distinctive stylistic imprinting that is unraveled in an accomplished way through several projects, including both live performances and improvisations. Machinic, ever-changing sounds, the first signs of a post-human sensitivity, whose intricate textures already predict the unusual sensory remapping of today.