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CD – Creative Sources
Jeff Carey, Robert van Heumen and Bas van Koolwijk “synchronize” their laptops, moving between SuperCollider, Lisa and Max/MSP/Jitter. Synthetic musical tremors, glitches and disturbed drones (in the first two), hyper-vivid visual sequences (in the latter) combine to create a performance with consistently intricate audio-video relationships . The recording used in this release was created in 2008 at the STEIM, an Amsterdam-based center for research and development of instruments and computer tools for electronic art, a worthy institution dedicated to multimedia experimentation. The record’s dark, industrial, subdued atmospheres are channeled to condense contemporary electro-acoustic influences in suggestive ambient drifts, unfolding very “manufactured” and “manipulated” developments, but also leaving room for more suspended and sidereal interludes, which are always overwhelmed by fractures, elliptical crackles and digital lamentations. Uncompromising sounds, organized in structures, but then performed “improvisationally”, prove that happy developments and insights are in play even at these stylistic latitudes.