Max Eastley – Installation Recordings (1973 – 2008)

Max Eastley

2CD – Paradigm Discs
An essential retrospective of Max Eastley’s sound installations, a prolific artist who’s been active since the late sixties. The oldest works presented here were made in 1973, the year when, in addition to gallery exhibitions and collaborations with Thomas Koner and film director Peter Greenaway, he began to collect the first recordings for use in his 1975 album New And Rediscovered Musical Instruments. This record was conceived with David Toop and published by Brian Eno’s Obscure Records label. Accompanied by a 20 page photo booklet that introduces many of the extreme, articulated installations – sometimes in stunning natural settings – the “pieces” in this double CD collection expand upon that seminal release. It also adds, especially in the second section, new starting points for reflecting upon the dynamic scores, which are much more detailed and “surgical” in their audio emergencies. These are left in the foreground or are accompanied by sensitive and responsive ambient drones.