Eric La Casa – Zone Sensible 2 / Dundee 2

Eric La Casa

CD – Room 40
This record presents natural and artificial events; brittle audio emergencies that seem conditioned by the same sound frequency registries. In Zone Sensible 2, only apparently converging oscillations, digital swarms with hybrid features and a a frantic microcosm that is very exposed and reactive are carefully crafted to permeate environments. Modular presences, synthetic and granular, and recordings of bees in their hives (made in the suburb of Saint Denis, Paris) form the epiphenomenon of a reality already teeming with effects, vitality and energy. In contrast to these ambiguous echoes, Dundee was made during Eric La Casa’s stay at the museum of contemporary arts in the Scottish city of the same name, using microphones and field recordings, in collaboration with the experimental underground filmmaker Ken Jacobs. From these recordings, La Casa extracts movements and variations that interact in a dual composition, poised between real elements and abstract scores. A cryptic puzzle of concrete music, interlocking gloomy and obsessive drones, the poetry of everyday life is still unraveled with great power.