Michael J. Schumacher – Weave

Michael J. Schumacher

CD – Entr’acte
Based in New York City, Michael J. Schumacher focuses his research primarily on electronic and digital media, computer-generated sounds that iterate over fairly long periods of time, serializing sequences from multiple physical sources and structural elements. In Weave there are sampled engines, pumps and urban field recordings, in addition to sounds of traditional instruments, such as guitars, pianos and organs. Among the techniques used, we find improvised recordings, carried out simultaneously and then spread through time using algorithmic processes. There are also more intimate and everyday “captures”, such as voices – those of children at a birthday party – or atypical field recordings, which were selected not only for their frequencies and tones, but also for their “narrative” empathy; for their emotional contiguity and character. The CD – wrapped in the traditional packaging of Entr’acte, made of silver/transparent plastic – also includes two interesting videos, in which the concrete parameters of the sounds are rendered into stylized graphic designs.