Francisco Lopez – Amarok

Francisco Lopez

CD – Glacial Movements
Extremely dilated drones, yet not too immaterial, redundant in their progressive slips of many sound layers. Microtones, someone calls them, but there’s nothing minimalist in such a soundscape. Just consider the title, “Amarok”, the name of a giant wolf in Inuit mythology, a people obviously accustomed to the extremes of an uninhabitable nature, where the sea and the abyss are clearly distinguishable, because of the ice pack or a wide stormy area. The experience is enough – then – to assess the meaning and content of every phenomenon, permeating concrete realities and animating forces. Francisco Lopez is very skilled at enlivening this “supernatural”, evoking desolate isolationism, ideally forcing frequencies towards their implosion, redefining the overall structure in a sort of immanent arctic wind and using volume increments, voids and calibrated disconnections. White noise is infrequently present and the apparently constant amplitude of sounds determines an additional theoretical idealization, though the work remains very exciting and dense.