Marc Behrens – A Narrow Angle

Marc Behrens

CD – Entr’acte
Shaped into the form of scratchy recordings, extrapolated from the environmental sounds of a video arcade in Taipei, which were then heavily processed, the frequencies of the first part of “A Narrow Angle” weaves together vibrant and alien sounds. These elaborations are very much present in the digital-noise structures of “Game Parlor Saint Fun”, and sum up very little of the arcade “divertissement”, instead looking to emphasize the alienated nature of the sequences. The second of the three tracks, called “Taipei Metro Easycard 500 NT$” has a more abstract, expanded and dilated attitude, marked by microtonal play obtained by replaying the different sounds of smart card readers which control the automatic barriers in the local subway line. Still in Taipei, but this time in a Taoist temple, the project ends in an even more rarefied and spatial way, evolving in strictly controlled constructions, whispered and mysterious, clearly inspired by the religiosity of the place, and therefore resonant of a gentle but intense energy. The artwork, too, is very stylized and consistent, with the CD sealed in a transparent plastic bag, along with a fuchsia booklet which is shiny and slippery to the touch: a collision of aesthetic elements of different origins that points to the composite nature of these sound convergences.