Yellow Swans – Mort Aux Vaches

Yellow Swans

CD – Staalplaat
Once again Staalplaat sets a new milestone with the artwork accompanying their historic Mort Aux Vaches series. A very playful yellow hardback with embossed inserts, complete with the silhouette of a cute duckling and a smiling peasant girl is the companion of scratchy industrial sounds. The record is a mature work, thick with frequencies and noise, permeated by deaf psychedelic pulses. All this is kept together in the “physical” box with the equally historic gilded copper “nail”. The “theory” behind the work seems to be the post-modern conjunction of an antithesis between very different formal contexts: the ubiquitous environmental reverberations and “white noise” together – providing an almost orchestral texture – with psychic electric acrobatics and very dark and brainy articulations. The uniform spectrum of frequencies from zero to infinity constructed by Yellow Swans is complemented by spacey, acidic constructions, deliberately shying away from a certain kind of “digitalism”, a separation which is also emphasized by the fact that the CD doesn’t work on computers.