Piotr Kurek – Lectures

Piotr Kurek

CD – Cronica
Tangled instrumental sequences, dense and fascinating, are improvised by Piotr Kurek, a Polish producer and electronic musician. This work reveals a precisely organised, multilevel sound structure, which throbs with avant-garde jumps, jazzy shards and raw iterations. Kurek is mainly known for his breakcore works, created together with Marcin Stefanski, in the duo named Slepcy – also published by Cock Rock Disco. ‘Lectures’ is both close to and very far away from those projects (I’m thinking for example, of a piece like “With Charles Bukowski On The Ride”). There is still the same abstract, reactive and hyper-clear organisation, but this time they cite other, equally refined works, thanks to very different acoustic recordings, inspired by Cornelius Cardew, a seminal experimental composer and forerunner – with his Scratch Orchestra (1969) – of decidedly unconventional fusions. He also adds interesting fragments taken from conferences and performances of the English composer, mixing everything in an enigmatic editing, philologically careful and very involving.