Stephan Moore – To Build A Field

Stephan Moore. To Build A Field

CD – Deep Listening
Sounds that seem to converge in ultra-rarified sequences, hesitating in sensitive constructions with strong environmental and narrative structures, reflect the background of Stephan Moore, the author, a long time member of the live band at the Merce Cunningham Dance Company. Moore is a composer who has acted on multiple musical fronts, supporting innovative projects by young choreographers and dealing with musical performance design for shows and performances. Rhythms and textures, including those of ‘To Build A Field’, proceed in a manner that delineate a sense of space. They act on shared abstractions and finely modulated plots, always hovering between acoustic and electronic processing resources, improvisation and more weighted steps. In the ideal continuum of a single collective performance, during six separate tracks, skillfully designed for the respective dance performances, Moore makes us part of an overall audio design, minimal and poetic, an expression of a fruitfully applied creativity that maintains a strong authorial application of an education very cultured and competent.