AAVV – Noise Vs Subversive Computing


USB flash drive – Computationally Infeasible Records
Noise Vs Subversive Computing’ is a collaborative project that concerns sound suggestions relating to the realm of more experimental ambient-noise, and is both sophisticated and imaginative. There are not only electronic musicians joining this effort but also radical activists, computer hackers and programming code theoreticians. The heterogeneous contributions are collected on USB flash memory and carefully divided in two folders. In the first there are only audio files in FLAC format (lossless audio open source codec), while in the other folder there are – thoroughly sorted – obscure programs, among which some stand out: a noise steganography software and demo, Pure-Data (PD) applications, MIDI files, along with ‘Speech Processing’ utilities, a video (“Information Pollution”) and plain text files (such as ‘Noise’ by Jazra Khaleed, a poet and boxer of Muslim origin). The big plus is that all this stuff is easily shareable and copyable, and here the immateriality of the content is really tangible, with a digital, polymorphic aesthetic.