Mudboy – Mort Aux Vaches


CD – Mort Aux Vachez
The audio compact disk is presented rigidly bolted between three different rectangular wooden blocks, held together by metal hinges, then fixed through the usual split pin, the symbol of the series. The new Mort Aux Vaches release includes five unreleased recordings and marks the return of Mudboy – hosted here within the project VPRO / Dwars – a sound-artist articulating a very dense, strange and mystical sound continuum. It’s a recording made in a single thirty minute session, including caesuras, sighs and minimal marches. Attached are also deviated melodies and field recordings, the result of droppings, howling and lunar atmospheres, then modulated synthetic arrangements, vaguely psychedelic and space-age. Listening to the treatments they are somewhat charming, pleasant and inspired, purposely inconstant, suspended between ‘spiritual’ settings, natural reverbs and abstract deconstructions. An quiet and mysterious amalgam, dense in rarefied articulations, dreamlike and vibrant, with textures that remind of ‘other’ dimensions and really subtle harmonies.