Denis Tricot / Eric Cordier – Orgue De Bois

Denis Tricot

CD – Prele
Narrow strips of wood, roughly five inches long, thin, connected to each other to reach a considerable length (up to ten meters), totally suspended by special rods, shape sinuous undulations, as sculptural instruments and architectural installations, artistic and musical. This construction by Denis Tricot and Eric Cordier is light but with an imposing appearance and has been unravelled with painstaking care. It’s modulated each time in public spaces, both ‘en plein air’ and indoors (eg at the ‘Ecole Primarie de St.Pantaleon’), catalyzing multidirectional energies in spaces. The wood has an evident and resonant materiality, and is organized in a machinic construct, ready to be re-manipulated. It is the basis for a lot of possible vibrations: through being beaten, sawn, delicately fluttered in the wind or stressed by arches and wands. The structure can be manipulated by audible bodies, amplification, and even through visuals – in this way it reminds of those same waveforms, hidden representations of the invisible structure of any recorded sequence.