Tom Hamilton – Local Customs

Tom Hamilton - Local Customs

CD – Mutable Music
The elegant and modulated instrumental interventions of Jacqueline Martelle (flute), Richard Cohen (clarinet), James Martin (trombone), Terry Kippenberger (bass) and Rich O’Donnell (percussion) are twisted with electronic harmonic sequences dictated by Tom Hamilton, in a work similar to electro-acoustic iterations. They are experimenting with collaborative improvisation – very fruitful for producing interaction and energy among the members. The process accumulates into five different attractive interventions. The performative movements of sound are oneiric, with flowing, contemplative atmospheres and very simple, ubiquitous synthetic textures. They result in a constellation of auditory relationships, certainly atypical but sensitive and responsive at the same time. It is the outcome of refining technical skills in “real-time” that facilitates the work’s manneristic virtuosity. This album offers quite pleasing listening, tendentiously avant-garde and rarefied, but still communicative and purposeful- the result of a basic but effective compositional logic.