The Smiling Buddhas – LO

The Smiling Buddhas

CD – Base
This work comes in an eco-friendly package, with a hardcover that pulls out the cd as if it was origami (Swedish Jakebox’s patent) and has a stencilled “window” as a cover that contains a Tibetan inspired picture. The Smiling Buddhas present their first production on CD; ‘Lo’, a vibrant, hypnotic, sophisticated trip in the ambient-idm field, crossed by distorted but elegant beats, together with fine textures and exotic percussion sounds played in the background among fascinating effects and an arioso inspiration. Synthetic and minimal tones, minute electronic iterations, with pitch manipulations and melodic developments, are performed in the form of psychedelic singsongs between samples and guitars skillfully modulated. A slow-motion cinematic narration, mystical and intriguing, developed in nine different tracks for a total of 45 minutes, at times with clear groove and beating influences, mixed with orientalism and multiple sound combinations, give certainly not unprecedented but nevertheless captivating results.