Ibitsu – Foolproof Better Fools Bettering Foolproof….


CD – Mego
Distorted frequencies and gurgling sounds from the speakers: almost faint. Feeble pulses and sound aggregations emerge. The speakers seem go into a state of coma, as before death. The work consists of a very atypical 24 minutes, with the noise levels growing slightly as the track progresses. It’s an agony, and a result of a degenerated conceptual application. Who’s equipping himself for such a decompensation? The album is organized by modulating an extremely fine tuning, abusing firm sub-bass and reverb. We know little about who’s hiding under the moniker Ibitsu, but what is certain, from Mego’s own admission, is that ‘it is not a soundtrack to other activities’. Perhaps for no activities, because here any limit has been abundantly exceeded. There remains the undoubted charm of an extreme work, presented in an elegant package. There remains the consistency of the “plot”, the full attention that the listening requires. It’s a recalibration of the human hearing range, which once underway, still requires the most extraordinary listening practises