Atom™ – Liedgut


CD – Raster-Noton
Trapped by his own genius, auto-induced to predominantly wear Senor Coconut’s exotic clothes, Uwe Schmidt, aka Atom Heart, aka Atom ™, aka Lassigue Bendthaus now with his first release for Raster-Noton, is still able to surprise. ‘Liedgut’ is an estranging album, romantic and austere at the same time, only partially aware of ‘Pop Artificielle’, a 1998 project that already outlined multi-fascinating and synthetic components. It’s clear from the earliest tracks: energetic digital slashes and waves of bass, then wrapped by a singsong mixed with drones. With unconcealed melodies and robotic vocals in ‘Felder Und Wellen’, the first track is suspended in oneiric combinations, full of glitches and clickings. A mathematical exploration of the European musical tradition, this album continues of the interplay of pure science and lyricism, even in the ‘Mittlere Composition’, a sort of lysergic and Schubert-esque evolution of compositional grace. And the last part, just as significantly, is made out of lost alien monologues spiced with ‘white noise’, between shooting electronic sequences and philosophical references.