Thanos Chrysakis – A Scar In The Air

Thanos Chrysakis

CD – Aural Terrains
Ethereal, synthetic and very fragmented sounds, field-recordings, drones and elegant acoustic treatments. Athenian composer Thanos Chrysakis, meticulously organises the structures and atmospheres of the project ‘A Scar On The Air’, a continuation of the Inscapes series (already selected by the International Competition de Musique et d’Art Sonore Electroacoustiques in Bourges in 2005). This is highly sensitive sound material, which is divided into scores, and is dilated but reactive in its mix of industrial and acousmatic frequencies, joining hybrid conglomerated sounds and concretist citations. There are six different tracks, with a total of only 31 minutes, containing dense electronic attitudes, sometimes improvisational, that are shaped with different modulations and unveil specific stylistic ideas. Through the radicality of their approach, these experiments maintain a strong ability to convey evocative and imaginative sound narratives, enhancing a pleasant listen.