FLOSS Manuals Community Members – How to bypass Internet Censorship

FLOSS Manuals Community Members

Lulu, U.S.A., 2008, English
What happens when skilled Floss activists decide to embrace the printed medium? Adam Hyde, known as one half of the pioneering Radioqualia internet and radio art / sound group and forerunner of the Floss movement in the arts, decided to start a series of manuals, embodying the very same Floss spirit in printed production. After releasing a few manuals for popular software (from Open Office to WordPress), this is the first title in the promising sub-series “Doing Things With Free Software”, that would open different fields of applications out of the usual ones. It’s undoubtedly an important book, dealing with the same hacker nonchalance about one of the most controversial threats on the net: institutional censorship. Nevertheless this is mainly a technical manual, with the first section dedicated to total beginners and progressing on to more complex stuff in the later, more advanced chapters. But it’s totally practical and focused on solving problems, testing solutions, and establishing concepts. It’s a powerful tool that can be used everywhere on the net, according to the specific local situation. The book is obviously available in free downloads, and printed in physical form as print-on-demand, for various strategic reasons. The most important is being able to update when needed, so always having a fresh up-to-date technical tool against net censorship. Another reason comes out of the wish to represent that this is an ongoing collective expression of knowledge (evident in the 8 pages of attributions).