Ethan Rose – Oaks

Ethan Rose

CD – Baskaru
To create these minimal sound ellipses Ethan Rose uses an old Wurlitzer Theatre Organ. The sounds are often velvety, ambient and symphonic, and are manipulated using computers and other electronic devices. They are also intertwined with more traditional acoustic instruments such as flute, clarinet, various strings and exotic percussion. The result is beautiful singsongs, whose meticulous quietness gives the whole work an ever so slightly strange and disturbing feel. Ethan Rose – it is worth noting – is the author of the ‘Paranoid Park’ soundtrack, a wonderful street-movie by Gus Van Saint. The suspended suburban melancholy of the film also appears as a pervasive element of this project. It is a dilated musical treatment, possessing an elegant, crystalline quality. There are a total of eight tracks that constitute this Baskaru release. The record comes packaged in a nice cover designed by Richard Boyd, a creative artist who is familiar with contemporary-classical style.