Decryptopattern, grasping the vast vortical information around us

Noriko Yamaguchi

Noriko Yamaguchi and Daisuke Ishida’s first collaborative work, Decryptopattern, is the result of team play between a fine artist, whose artworks use Japanese washi paper, and a sound / media artist investigating previously unheard sounds. Decryptopattern is an epistemological and artistic reflection on our daily usage of information. Nowadays, information is often digital, and therefore easily converted and manipulated. Text gets sound, sound gets images, images get movement. Decryptopattern retrieves text data from Google news in 61 different languages every 5 minutes and converts this to sound. The sound is filtered and D/A-converted to a vibrating sound plate, upon which is placed many tiny pieces of newspaper. The sound waves cause the pieces to move, creating beautiful ‘cladni patterns.’ The whole installation is an audio-tactile and visual “gesamtkunstwerk”.

Shintaro Miyazaki