Sound Camera (Lumicon 8 III), light as sound

Sound Camera

The associations between sound and visuals have been one of the primary topics of media art aesthetics in the last twenty years, but technically they are still stuck in a few categories, including the digital interpretations of files in the incorrect domain of data (picture files interpreted as sound and sound files interpreted as pictures). Eric Archer’s “Sound Camera (Lumicon 8 III)” is an experiment made with a Lumicon sound camera, detecting modulated light and transforming it to analogue audio. The author carefully considered the amount of light in input through the lenses and how it would affect the related sound output. Exploring the city, then, results in a completely different experience. In the author’s words “it’s like eavesdropping on a world of sounds that were never intended to be heard”. The association between sounds and visuals then, is scientifically produced, and not arbitrary or random anymore. The different sound files that can be listened to online describe an aural world, an alien one, seen with the ears only, from a visually impaired machine.