Spyweirdos, Mourjopoulos And Floridis – Epistrophy At Utopia


CD – Ad Noiseam
Rethinking jazz in the advent of digital; connecting old energies with new subgenres of glitch post-avant-garde. This is not an easy project – it isn’t enough to put together “free form” veterans (John Mourjopoulos e Floros Floridis), adding only minimal “destructurations” and synthetic rhythms, loops and “oblique” poetics. Spyweirdos tries to do just that and the result is not bad if cleansed from the conceptualization of original intents – with more convincing effects in its nostalgic sound combinations, and iterating old-fashioned sounds and timbral structures, trying to definitely “historicise” them. Once the jazzists were the strong ones among musicians (they have been forced to give up since), articulating new concepts, and wiping out obsolete schemes, reclaiming in this way an experimental “alterity”. These forms never evolved, and they have not coped with new leaps and fractures (if not self-referential ones within the same music genre), confirming that any recovery would have been outdated. Perhaps this is wrong, nevertheless it’s not by accident that there’s no jazz blog paying attention to an album like this – one that is consistent and innovative in the genre, more so than it is within digital music.