COH aka Ivan Pavlov + Cosey Fanni Tutti – COH Plays Cosey

COH aka Ivan Pavlov + Cosey Fanni Tutti

CD – Raster-Noton
It remains surprising to recognize in this album booklet Christine Carol Newby, aka Cosey Fanni Tutti, in the clothes of a very stiff contemporary English gentlewoman, being embraced by the ‘youngster’ Ivan Pavlov. Although it seems ages since Throbbling Gristle and those vehement sessions of post-punk took place, the musical output of this unique and extreme performer remains consistent with the type of radical art that defined that period. We still encounter manipulation of voice in the manner of Stockhausen, the music of Varese, the “alea” and the daily ‘noise’ (once called musak) – these factors combine in this album to produce a sound that has a contemporary edge. The importance of cultured, abstract and experimental approaches comes through clearly in this work. We see here that poweful results can be obtained through infusing existant styles with new energy and direction. Yet beyond reasonable, necessary and well-subsumed conceptual applications, the most interesting part is still in the intimate biographical details that come through from the music. The attitude here is modulated into a close, private, highly emotional and perhaps even sexual relationship with the listener – combining human sounds and vocal harmonies. . It is a good thing that artists like this are still around and that a track like ‘Fuck It’ will not be remixed in an electronic dance style.