Silvia Fassler & Billy Roisz – Skylla

Silvia Fässler & Billy Roisz

CD – Mego
The sonorities, on the whole very invasive and digital, as well as the crackles, drones, intermittences, fluxes and skipping frequencies, together with other refined forms of auditive microemergencies, give merit in ‘Skylla’ for the rigorous application to Silvia Fässler and Billy Roisz, who are not new to the artistic scene of the most ‘alternative’ Vienna, the former as curator of exhibitions and events, the latter as a video-artist. In confirmation of the extreme versatility of the laptop approach, even if at its first experiences in the musical field, the duo significantly exhibits ideas of composition which are definitely not banal, articulated into abstract modulations and finest patterns, stuffed ad hoc with guitar samples and turntables, finally going through not “punitive” tonal variations of the listenings, all of them focused on the specific pleasantness of the experience. The musical technique is by now the territory of many different knowledges (involving aspects which are even apparently outside the typical musical culture), then the concept of ‘composition’ goes back to more figurative and direct meanings, a creative combinatory act resulting from one’s own personal routes and from the ability of relating efficiently the sounds to the artistic expressions of the contemporary age.