Helmut Schafer & Zbigniew Karkowski – Eminent Risk Factor

Helmut Schafer & Zbigniew Karkowski

CD – Alku
Started more than ten years ago, the collaboration between Helmut Schafer and Zbigniew Karkowski yielded various performances and musical projects and ended in 2007 with the death of Schafer. Now, after one year since the sad event and in order to honour the figure and work of the experimenter, the label Alku collects in ‘Eminent Risk Factor’ the recordings of the last two concerts and studio sessions they performed together. The density imposed by the acquired experience, the very contemporary style in structuring the research, the always very cultured noisy approach and the underlying passion addressed to machinic sonorities (then also resulting in ‘his own’ production of electronic equipment) are all evident in these recordings. They are built upon the charm of dull rumbles and frequencies, pulsing and prickly dissonances, which nevertheless are able to drag us into the whirl of an extreme listening, finally even captivating as regards the quality, which constantly unfolds between drones and digital ferocities.