Brian Mackern – Living.Stereo – Soundcode.Sketches & Cinema.tik

Brian Mackern


Strings of codes and images, recontextualizations integrated by GUI interfaces, a development paradigm aimed at allowing an interaction with a computer by means of graphically manipulating objects. Relations that, in the ‘prologue’, detourning ‘Introducing Stereophonic Phonograph Records’, an advertising short movie shot in 1958, cite the first industrial products explicitly produced for the new mass markets, bringing us back to a seminal and ‘immersive’ relation between humans and technologies. The main sections are two, with the titles ‘SoundCode.Sketches’ and ‘cinema.tik’, in this project by Brian Mackern, a net artist from Uruguay of great professionalism and depth. In the first ones, the code process is strictly bound to its representations, with minimal sounds reflecting the equally skinny readapted code sequences. In the other ones, the video materials used, even if they subtend the same processes, are invested by the iconographies induced by loops-fragments of historical films (Stalker, Solaris, Vertigo, Love Flower…) tightly connected to the artist’s own history as consumer of cultural imagery.