Spyweirdos – Ten numbers


CD + DVD – Creative Space
Very abstract and glitchy electronica, soundscapes resulting from a measured mix of digital and acoustic elements (the latter aren’t sampled, but played ad-hoc for every single track). Barely hinted rhythmic patterns, drones, then violins, cellos, pianos. Melancholic sequences by the Greek combo Spyweirdos, well designed in the confluence of field recording and sentimental imagery, shying away from the 4/4 beats and the minimal-techno influences, which they developed extensively in the past. The music threads lean on a certain atmospheric density, built on the iteration and the modular layering of the themes. In the post-production phase operated by Murcof, those threads are unwoven according to rarefied orientations along the ten tracks, then commented with elegant and fascinating video interventions in the included DVD by Aris Michalopoulos.