Qebo – Wroln


CD – Low Impedance
Alex Retsis and George Aggelides are back with the moniker Qebo, after a long hiatus, and in their second album, named ‘Wroln’, the tangled digital structures become even thicker, permeated by a glitchy aesthetic which is pervasive both in the experimental circle and, these days, in the clubbing contexts. These elaborations, too, follow a double track, not because they’re designed for the dance floors, but because they’re inspired by the environment and the imagery of those small electronic ‘live’ dimensions, for their radical and dynamic nature and for the ideal juxtapositions with the images manipulated by the VJs (the very essence of a dimension halfway between clubby enjoyment and the very concept of performance). Schizoid and futuristic imagery flowing in a synthetic continuum, crossed by complex rhythmic, resounding and hyper-active sequences, innovative and strong audiotextures.