Nemeth – Film

Nemeth, Film

Thrill Jockey
This is the first solo album for Stefan Németh, a member of Radian and Lokai, co-founder of Mosz Records, who here releases for Thrill Jockey a project full of very rarefied and spacey atmospheres. Soundscapes created for artistic installations, short films and experimental videos, not designed to be put together in a single release. These materials, despite the diverse sources, have got a strong internal coherency, the result of Németh’s work oriented to the mix of different percussion lines, combined with electronic, analog and acoustic arrangements. Ambient and industrial sounds are modulated with tonal passages and free-form reverbs, containing the dissonances in stylized exercises, combining patterns and rhythms. This soundtrack music with dilated textures, halfway between ‘organic’ and ‘synthetic’ suggestions, is both interesting and likable.