Ignaz Schick / Dawid Szczesny – The View Underneath

Ignaz Schick

CD – Non Visual Objects

Ethereal atmospheres lightly veined with ‘jazzy’ attitudes with a noir penchant but very conceptual in the abstract electronic sequences. The sound design of this duo melts Ignaz Schick’s skepticism towards digital technologies and interest towards objects which can emit peculiar sounds with the creative use of turntables, a practice shared by the two together with Dawid Szczesny’s plunderphonic vocation, thanks to their familiarity with old vynils and tapes. Unusual frequencies where the different backgrounds – electronica, noise, experimental, electroacoustic – are perfectly hidden in the crossing trajectories, then reassembled through the laptop modulations of noise microsounds (electrical noise simulations, static charges, glitches, crackles, hums and any kind of slanted audio data), made vibrant together with the environmental noises, the drones and the rare melodic constructions.