Bernhard Gunter / Heribert Friedl – TRANS~

Bernhard Günter

CD – Non Visual Objects

Sampling field recordings using the hum (the noise produced by the difference of potential between electronic devices connected together) as a base is truly unusual. The interference is generated by three different low power voltage adapters and the positions of the microphones are changed to collect the sounds and spectrums of the overtones. On these drones rest rarefied cymbalon sequences, played by Herbert Friedl, or the electric cellotar (a custom-made bamboo flute), together with three different mouthorgans handled by Bernhard Günter. The music is articulated in very slow passages, ramps and carefully designed and somewhat ‘difficult’ and harsh transformations, where not everything is built on an intrinsic structural elegance, a mix this duo finds itself at ease with. One single 45 minutes long track, ‘music like weather’, to paraphrase the authors themselves, who are crafty experimenters for the Austrian label Non Visual Objects.