Shinkei – Binaural Beats [+ reprocessing]


2MiniCD – Koyouki
A release mastered in just 100 copies of a double mini CD, an acute and conceptual excursion in the most abstract and silent paths of minimalist aesthetic. It is an extremely ‘stimulating’ project thanks to the nature of the sound files, built with the help of a ‘brainwave software’, which can synchronize the human brain waves with certain frequencies. An auditive and visual (thanks to Dreamachines) stimulation in a union of ‘Binaural Beats’, subdivided in four tracks in the black CD, then reprocessed in the other one (red) by Philippe Lemieux. The tone gradients, the drones and micro-textures obtained using the well-known technique of ‘frequency following response’, aside from the indisputable ‘aesthetic’ value, once again bring us back (following the path traced by the historical avant-gardes) to an idea of musical production pervaded by the experimentation of unusual practices. It is an analytical approach that explores ‘aleatory’ zones, which are now the domain of audio-art as well.