Marhaug/Asheim – Grand Mutation


CD – Touch / Family Affair
The sounds composed by the Norwegian Nils Henrik Asheim, shooting out from the awesome organ in the seventeenth-century cathedral in Oslo, and those obtained by Lasse Marhaug come together with crystal-like purity, organized around sinusoidal oscillators and other electronic instruments. A single night of recording, then edited in January 2007, an entire day just for the sound check (which included self-built capacitor microphones). All this to adjust the dialog between different instruments and techniques, showing, with non trivial sequences, the equally monolithic nature of these instruments. The fusion of classical music, forged in the symphonic nature of orchestral passages, and full noisy music, alternated to minimal structures, iterated sounds and drones, appears perfectly consequential. This is an extremely coherent and inspired album, which brings Touch back to the levels of excellence it achieved in the past.