Jorge Castro aka Fisternni – Messy

Jorge Castro aka Fisternni

DVD – Manipulatto Splendid
Since the very first frames, in Messy, an audio-video project by Jorge Castro, published by Manipulatto Splendid, the author’s genius shows through. He puts together striking technical abilities (digital images and sounds, both ‘glitched’ and extreme for their cuts and quality of the sequences) with an undeniable conceptual coherency, articulated in architectonic cuts, between geometric mouldings and scale jumps. This Argentinian artist is very skilled in shying away both from excessively ‘naturalistic’ results and too stressed abstractions, practicing a sort of combinatorial anamorphosis between figures, lines, landscapes, playing on views, on tight perspectives and on visual angles. Similarly, both the metropolitan sets and the other shots look flattened, erased in the refined slipping-flattening of sensitive data. Even the most aesthetically characterized sequences (the ones of ‘Joyce Noir 2.1’), veined with performative-fetish drives (between post-modern dance and cyber attitude) look rarefied, mesmerizing and a bit alien in their reverberations and studied cuts