Foetus Inc – Silk

Foetus Inc

CD – Some Bizarre
Featuring many instrumental tracks, here comes this new edition of ‘Silk’. Originally, this double album by Foetus, released first in 1989, then in 1995 (in audio cd version) was presented as a ‘best of’ compilation of this group, with several new songs and excerpts from previously released albums and singles that were difficult to find. Permeated by the post-punk and industrial atmospheres of that period, it takes us to the ‘summer of love’ and beyond. However, there is no ‘Trainspotting’ effect to mark the change of an era, the beats are the usual alternative Brit rock of the Thatcher era, permeated by several influences and experimentalisms and by conceptual and artistic themes, but fundamentally anchored to the early no-wave attitude. Nonetheless, the passion in those chords still shines to this day, and we wouldn’t be surprised if those notes could find a new sensitive audience now.