(edited by) Patricia Canetti, Priscila Arantes, Renata Motta – Technological Connections / Conexoes tecnologicas

(edited by) Patricia Canetti

book – Imprensa Oficial do Estado de São Paulo – ISBN: 9788560824007
Establishing an online forum means to deal with completely different procedures than making a real one offline: time is expanded, resource can be endlessly added as links, the whole content is instantly available to everybody including distant interested people. An interesting experiment, connecting online and offline publishing practices has been conducted in Brasil within the Premio Sergio Motta, the main national event supporting digital art. Once established two main topics (“Critical Connections” and “Research, Education and Market”) and the invited international lecturer, a double online forum was implemented first. One private with the participants preparing the event, the other public with the same content posted. This cross-pollination extended the potential of a public event and was finally reflected in the printed publication. The printed page is here split among the author’s texts and extracts from the online forum. It’s an intriguing plain confront between statements and dialogues on the same topic. And this kind of confront perfectly embodies the democracy issues in the information flows, discussed in the first half of the book. The radical view, emerging from most of the included essays focusing on “informational capitalistic society” and “research and market” is discussed in two parallel and overlapping dimensions.