Dorninger – 8K

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CD – Base Records
This is an experiment starting with 8 etherogeneous electronic tracks composed by Wolfgang Dorninger, released as an album. The project starts from then on, dissecting the music with different methodologies. The complete title becomes 8K=8K+-(G)<>(A)<>(N), where G = Granular Modification, A = Analog and N = Net. The tracks are first reconstructed precisely with hardware and special software in lenght, pitch, speed and modulation (G). Then they’re played again through different custom cut 12″ (dubplates) with all their samples played simultaneously on 2 to 4 turntables and mixer filtered (A). Finally, the outcome of (G) and (A) feed other sound artists composing variations in nearly real time trough the net via the vst-plugin tubePlug. This tri-phased conceptual treatment dissect and reconstruct the initial sounds as they were fresh data, condensing a whole range of possibilities in three very symbolic and coded paths.