Al Margolis / If, Bwana – An Innocent Abroad

Al Margolis

CD – Pogus
A project by Al Margolis, a veteran of the ‘cassette scene’ and the presence behind Pogus, Xi, Deep Listening and Mutable – also well-known as If, Bwana – a moniker under which he realized vocal mixes and manipulations with acoustic instruments. His latest work, ‘An Innocent Abroad’, follows this path, not far from the concrete music tradition. It’s the result of elaborations applied at different stages of productions, first focused on the vocals sung by Lisa Barnard, ideally recorded in five separate entities, then on the building on electronic structures, then adding flute sections, improvised by Jane Rigler and Jacqueline Martelle, recorded separately from the vocal parts. That is, none of the performers has listened to the whole composition s/he was participating to. The end result permeates the oblique and aleatory atmospheres of lunatic esotericism, vivid and sensitive.