Snog – The Last Days Of Rome


CD – Hymen
What’s piquing our curiosity, aside from the apocalyptic title ‘The Last Days Of Rome’ and the confusing art-cover, made by Chris Wood and Richard Grant (who craftily subverted the Cadillac SUV ad), is this new change of route of David Thrussell, aka Snog, very skilled in perpetuating the channels of pop and of his oblique media-social critique, always varying his style. This time, the sequences seem to converge towards downbeat atmospheres permeated by rock influences. Melancholic and cinematic atmospheres are the background of ancient Rome in its darkest days, an all-too-explicit metaphor of the corruption and decay of power. It’s a very fascinating album, even though it’s not very ‘electronic’, but this artist has already leaned towards the song form in the past, still coherently keeping the energy levels and his activism high.